The Indiana Empowerment Challenge
Notes to the People from Onecandream.
Empowerment, so EXACTLY how do we get there?

Life is funny,

One day your minding your own business riding your bike with your dad, and nobody knows who you are....and not too many people really care. But you enjoy the time you spend with your dad...just talking...and your pretty happy.

Then you realize not everybody gets to ride bikes with their dad...some people can't leave their houses as often as they would like or live in institutions because services are not available to them, or they can't get the services they need.... that makes you a little sad...because you know some of these people, some of them are your friends and you know they have a lot to contribute...

Then you realize that you are getting older, and that dad is getting older too....and someday you won't be able to ride your bikes...and you get scared because you know that someday you might need the services that some of your friends need now, but don't have....someday your dad might need the services too....and if they aren't available to you when you need them... well you don't even want to think about it....

But at some point you have too....everyone has too...And so you do think about think about your friends, and all the times you talked with people on a professional and personal level...

People that confided in you that they just don't understand why something wasn't done in the past, or why something was not changed....people whose situations had changed... people who had an opportunity to fix the very issue they were confronted with but didn't because when they had the opportunity they didn't figure the issue really concerned them.

It had not even occurred to them at the time they were making decisions and creating policies that it would become there issue...Yet somehow despite, or perhaps because of there lack of planning and foresight they now found themselves needing something they previously disregarded as unimportant...or worse yet actively worked to prevent it from happening is funny

And in the end when your done with all the thinking, you decide you don't want to be one of those people who didn't try and change something when they had the opportunity. And so even though you know you are one person who nobody really knows, and the odds are against you... you go ahead and try....

Because you believe that people matter... and that somebody should say so.... you decide to.

You didn't think anything of it because it was true, but apparently it was a big deal and some people get upset, and they even try to beat you up... Some people end up saying you are wrong and then try and discredit you by engaging in slander...Others just claim that you don't know what your talking about and try and discourage you...

But the only problem do know what you are talking about, and they know you do ....and either they have tried before and failed, or they don't want to look bad themselves... or another reason all together... but whatever the reason, things get a lot bigger then you ever would have imagined when you were riding your bike with your dad.

Life is funny - one minute nobody knows who you are, and not too many people care... then one day you wake up, do a google search, and realize things are different...

You are still just one person with the odds stacked against you, but you're not alone....You aren't the person nobody knows anymore...and you see that some people care and that others would care if they knew how, or had not been burned so badly -- you see the biggest problem is that we are all disconnected and disillusioned.

It confirms you were right, that people really do matter -- And then you realize that you matter too. -- or at least that is how it worked for me.

But then life is funny...

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2006-12-19 01:21:09 GMT
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