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Out from under the covers

Some of you may have noticed that there has not been an update to my site...

But don't worry I have not vanished...or disappeared off the face of the Earth.  (though some people here in Indiana probably wish I would mostly those individuals on the Indiana council who have ignored my repeated request for public information and to be kept informed as a member of the public they are supposed to serve, but that is an all together different subject then what I wish to delve into)

First my holidays went well....aside from injuring myself...but I am still at this point in my life blessed with recouperation.   A not all together bad thing.

But what I have come out of the covers to say is that life is an aweful strange thing and you never know where you are going to end up.  I certainly did not expect 90 percent of what happened to me last year to happen.... some of it was good....and some of it was bad...some of it remains private...and some things like my first amendment right being violated are more public then I ever would have imagined.  I could not have dreamed up last year if I tried....and quite frankly...I would not have wanted to.

Still, even with being beat up and disregarded, I have come a long way.  Last year, I had pretty much given up on the idea of resolutions, because I just did not see the point...I made them anyway.  This year, it seemed silly for me not to resolve to do something...because somehow even when life is got no money in your pocket and you are maintaining a website you probably can't is important to remember how to dream...

So many people forget that. 

Most people this year when I asked what resolutions they mght have said they don't have any because they never follow through with them anyway, some people said they resolved simply to survive.  While I can't argue with that, survival is a good thing....I wonder why so many people have gotten to the point where they must resolve to survive instead of to thrive?

...and why aren't more people bothered by this?  It certainly bothers see so many people accept less then they deserve...for no other reason then that just being the way things are. 

Maybe it is just me, but it really is sad when people forget how to dream...or become afraid too....

Please be patient with me, and know that while I am hanging out under the covers with a mug of hot chocolate, that I have not disappeared...nor do I have any intention of doing so and as time permits more will be added to this site.

In the meantime you can always stop by to say hi.

Always remember, onecandream!

2007-01-26 03:49:42 GMT
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