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Innocent Truths

The Innocent Truth

The children
My Nieces
They understand
It's not about money
we can grab with our hands
It's about living life
the way it should be
where everyone matters
including me

The children my nieces
who still understand
have not been burdened
by the lies told by man
Believe it is right to always play fair
and if someone is hurting
you should show that you care

But corruption does happen
cause people have greed
I wonder if they'd share
if we'd have all we need

cause money will fade
So will our youth
The only thing constant
is innocent truth
That all people are people
and its good to play fair
and if we have a cool toy
God wants us to share

Cause it's not about money
It's about what we do
and the children
My nieces
Still know that is true.

By Ramona Harvey - May 04, 2007

We the people with disabilities can think for ourselves. We can ask our own questions and come to our own decisions. We know what it is like to be treated differently, and we know what it is like to be excluded because we cannot get in the door or because people are afraid we will be hurt. We are important. Our lives, needs, and dreams are important and we deserve respect. We are just like every other person driving down the road. We demand our needs be met and that we be included in the decisions that impact our lives - we do not wish to sit on the sidelines anymore and watch others play. We want to be allowed on the playground just like anybody else.

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2007-05-04 16:41:02 GMT
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