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Memorial Day

Tomorrow is Memorial Day:

A day set aside for us to remember the troops that have died while serving our country. It is a day set aside to remember those who fought for freedom and who lost their lives in that cause. I encourage you to take time to remember not just those people who have died, but the people who returned home scarred in some way.

Tomorrow there are going to be a lot of cookouts and people are going to spend time with their families, thankful for the holiday. I would like to be one of those people.... but I am not going to be...

I am not going to be spending my holiday at a cookout with my family... instead I am going to be spending my holiday with my people (that is people just like me, and ultimately just like you) who are residing in a Nursing home, not because they really need or even want to be there...

That is the case everywhere. In every nursing home facility or group home I have ever visited, I have met at least one person who did not really need to be there.

How did these people end up in a nursing home? I don't know. But I do know one day most of them were living relatively normal lives... and then one day something happened.... Something that could happen to any of us... all it takes is one life changing event.

I don't know why it is, it easier for people to get shipped to a nursing home then it is to get in home health care services.... and unfortunately once your in, even if your health improves it is very difficult to get out. Too often, people loose their homes, their dignity, and ultimately their freedoms and because this happens behind closed doors -- most of the time, people on the outside don't even notice, and hen they do....they don't think it will really happen to them.

But it does not take much for your life to change...

So while your remembering those troops that did not return, also remember those that did only to find the services they needed were not available.

Enjoy the freedoms you have and realize that someone paid the cost for you to have them. Realize that freedom is one of those things that is difficult to gain, but easy too loose...

I'm not going to a family cookout, I am going to a nursing home... and the only difference between me and some of the nursing home residents (aside from the fact that some are less disabled then me) is that at the end of the day, I get to leave and go home...

That kind of freedom is worth fighting for.

2007-05-27 23:31:36 GMT
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