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Update Re: Indiana SILC: Official request about IL Concerns
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For those people who have been following what has been going on here is with the Indiana SILC here is a brief update.

As many of you know, on May 9, 2007, I submitted an official request to the council to have concerns about HB 1001 and IL Funding addressed. Instead of addressing the request the council ignored it. They meet less 15 minutes the adjourned and walked away. After that meeting I sent the council yet another official request that the concerns be added to the next months agenda. You can see that E-mail at the end of the previous blog entry entitled 'Empowerment of Suppression and the Indiana SILC'

You should know that Dee Ann Hart (the chair) actually did reply to that e-mail on May 18th, saying the council had nothing to do with HB 1001 and that there would be no further discussion.

I immediately replied back and informed her that the IL budget was in fact a concern of the council and officially requested (AGAIN) that my concerns be added to the agenda and addressed at the next meeting. As of yet, I have received no response of any sort either from Dee Ann or the council.

However, yesterday was the Weds. before the next ICOIL meeting, so in order to make sure the council did not forget about my request, I resubmitted it to the council. The following e-mail was sent not only to the council, but to the Feds. so that they could remain informed as to what is going on.

It is another official request not only to have my concerns added to the agenda, but for the council to not amend the agenda at the next meeting to exclude the addressing my concerns.

(Like they did last month - when they quickly amended the agenda while audience members tried to get clarification and inform the council that they were having trouble hearing.)


ICOIL Council,

Below you will find a copy of the official request that I submitted to the council before last months meeting on May 9th. I had hoped that you would add it to the agenda last month, and spend some time addressing my concerns, but unfortunately for some reason you decided to adjourn and leave after meeting no more then 15 mins.

This is another official request that the concerns I have regarding the recent allocation of IL Funds through HB 1001 addressed by the council. I request that officially addressing my concerns be added to the agenda, and I further request that once the council has added my official request to the agenda, that the council not amend the agenda to leave my request out.

I have provided a copy for you below. You may also download a copy from my website at If you have feel trouble finding it feel free to use my site search box found at

Thank you in advance for addressing my concerns.


As of today, Thursday, June 7, 2007 -- I have not yet heard back from the council about the previous two e-mails I sent asking that my concerns be added to the Agenda. I am hoping addressing the concerns will be added to the agenda... it would be nice if the council did what it was supposed to for once, because while they may be getting reimbursed mileage to come to Indianapolis and meet for only 15 minutes and leave, I am not getting reimbursed for my three hour monthly trek to Indianapolis...

I find the council's version of Empowerment very frustrating, and have come to realize through the most recent events: The council trying to have me arrested for trying to introduce myself, and last months extremely brief meeting (even though the room was reserved for 4 hours), that with this council you never know what to expect.

I am hoping for the best, but whatever happens, I will be keeping you informed. I am just hoping I won't get ICOILed again.

That reminds me, I created a cartoon that I call 'Help I'm being ICOILed' It is kind of my graphical overview of what the situation from my perspective. I know that some people have already said that they find it helpful, so I encourage people to check it out.

2007-06-08 06:02:45 GMT
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