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I am sitting outside as I write this. It is October 28, 2007, a warm sunny day. I am in an access aisle sitting next to my recently acquired car, and I am thankful to the auto mission of Evansville and all the people who support me in one way shape of form have blessed me. I am on the road again. I would like to thank that it is an easy road, but I have a disability and I live in Indiana, and as history has shown us on so many levels, the road to freedom is not an easy one.

This past Weds. on October, 24 2007, I had the opportunity to be attend when the Road to Freedom ADA bus Tour when it made it stopped in Merrillville... it's only stop in Indiana. There should have been a lot of people come from across the state to be a part of this event, but unfortunately many of the people who could have supported the event, you know....

the ones who claim to be "leaders" and "advocates" for people with disabilities... decided not to throw support they could have behind a nationally recognized event because they did not want to put differences asside even for one day.... and one event.... even for something so important to the people they are supposed to be serving as the Americans with Disabilities Act....and the attempt to restore the ADA to the Civil Rights law congress intended it to be.

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2007-10-28 19:33:07 GMT
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