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November 12, 2007: ICOIL Council still trying to Suppress

Update on what is going on with the Indiana SILC. Below are copies of actual e-mails.

First I sent the council a reminder e-mail that I had officially requested that I receive council meeting minutes electronically:

Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2007 3:13 PM

Subject: ICOIL: Another official request for the minutes and the agenda

ICOIL Council and interested others,

This is a repeated official request that I be sent all icoil minutes electronically to this address. Al Tolbert, your acting secretary/treasurer committed to doing so and it also happens to be an accommodation for my disability.

Before the November ,meeting on weds, please send me your minutes depicting your version of reality for September 2007, and October 2007 so that I may be prepared. Please send on Monday. Also, I need a copy of the agenda for November.

As I have not heard otherwise, I assume you still have all of my official requests that you were sent numerious times. If you need this information it can be downloaded from

Thank you,

Ramona Harvey - Resident of Indiana with a disability whom you are supposed to represent

Richard Simers – the Vice Chair Replied:

From: "Richard Simers"
To: Ramona Harvey
Subject: Re: ICOIL: Another official request for the minutes and the agenda

Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 07:20:11 -0500

According to Webster's New World College Dictionary Fourth Edition a definition of official....

adj. 1) of or holding an office, or position of authority

2) by, from, or with the proper authority; authorized or authoritative [ an official request]

3) in a formal or ceremonious manner, often involving persons of authority [ an official welcome to the city]

4) formally set or prescribed [ the official date of publication]

5) Med., Pharmacy contained in the current pharmacopeia; authorized for us in medicine -

n. 1) a person holding office, exp. public office

2) sports one who supervises an athletic contest, as a referee, umpire, etc.,

Which of these makes you an "official" to be making an official request?

Richard L. Simers

I Sent the following e-mail to Felipe Lulli, James Billy, Tom Kelley and other interested parties. E-mail here is the exact e-mail that I sent, but the response of the Vice Chair is above not below:

Subject: Fwd: the councils reply to my minutes and the agenda

To: Felipe, James, Tom and others

From Ramona Harvey

Date: Monday, November 12, 2007

Felipe, James, and Tom and everyone,

Below is the response that I got from the current Vice chair in response to my request to be given a copy of the September and October Minutes before the agenda for the November meeting this month.

Not only was this a repeated official request but it was also a repeated Accommodation Request

This council is not made up of a majority of people with disabilities not associated with a CIL, and should not even be allowed to act because of this. But it is Indiana, and so they don't care about the law.... even if it is federal law. They would rather try to hide their corruption even if it means degrading and demeaning people with disabilities and suppressing them in the name of empowerment.

I am a resident of indiana with a disability. I am a person they are supposed to be serving. They are supposed to be representing me and they claim to be advocates with a goal of empowerment. This is not empowerment.

Ramona Harvey

We the people with disabilities can think for ourselves. We can ask our own questions and come to our own decisions. We know what it is like to be treated differently, and we know what it is like to be excluded because we cannot get in the door or because people are afraid we will be hurt. We are important. Our lives, needs, and dreams are important and we deserve respect. We are just like every other person driving down the road. We demand our needs be met and that we be included in the decisions that impact our lives - we do not wish to sit on the sidelines anymore and watch others play. We want to be allowed on the playground just like anybody else.

2007-11-12 15:06:13 GMT
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