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IMPORTANT: IN SILC update of continued corruption

The following summary of the ICOIL meeting held on Tuesday January 8, 2008 was sent to Felipe Lulli, James Billy, and Tom Kelley of RSA, as well as Terry Brigance and other interested parties.  This summary was sent to them on  January 9, 2008. 


While it is important they know  what is going on, it is equally important that you the people know what is happening.  Because at onecandream, the people really do matter.




Dear Felipe, James, Tom,


You need to know that yesterday January 8, 2008 seven center directors, one person who attempting to get CIL recognition for an organization and Dee Ann Hart who is being sent for the second year in a row to the SILC congress met. ( By the way this group finally approved the 704 report that was sent to you on Dec. 21 - I am absolutely positive that not all council members had the opportunity to even read this document that was sent to you in their name before it was sent to you.)


There was no public notice of this meeting, and it was held on a Tuesday, instead of the normal second weds of the month.  Already today I have gotten a few phone calls from people who thought the meeting that was held yesterday is being held today.  These indiana residence with disabilities had no way of knowing about the change because the council had not informed them.  I only barely got the information about the date and time of this meeting and I had to ask multiple times to get it.


Brief summary of what you need to know happened at this meeting (Detailed summary will be posted soon along with this one on my website ):


  • Those present (7 CIL directors two others) approved the 704 report that had already been sent in to the Feds, on December 21, 2007 (Meaning this document was approved 19 days after it was officially sent to the Federal Government as an official document). 
  • It was noted that the council was going to send three people to the SILC congress, those people are Center Directors Dave Nelson, Melissa Madill, and Chair Dee Ann Hart.  (Nobody knows for sure exactly what ICOIL's budget is, but the council is spending a boatload of money, not to provide outreach to people with disabilities in indiana, and try and find qualified people to serve on a non-compliant council, but instead to benefit individual council members, with the hopes of making it appear like things in Indiana are not as bad as they really are.) They also decided at this meeting that they were going to have "state baskets for the SILC congress"
  • Those present decided to hire Terry Brigance as a consultant - Mr. Brigance was the facilitator for the March two day public Facilitated Discussion.  (Anyone needing further information as to who he is, can check out the video recording of the March Facilitated discussion. you can find a link to this video on the documents page of the secretary's chronicles at

Mr. Brigance spends several mins introducing himself while I sit in the back of the room with my hand raised trying to get permission to at least be allowed to introduce myself.  Mr. Brigance was supposed to be the facilitator of the two day public facilitated discussion, yet he refused to allow me to introduce myself.  Instead of facilitating, he stood idoly by and allowed the council to attempt to call the police on their former secretary. a resident of Indiana with a disability who wanted to introduce themselves.  A person who had driven three hours and brought the original signed copy of the bylaws to give to the council.  The council ended up kicked out of the building,  Because I wanted to introduce myself at a public meeting, and instead of working with the public this council prefers to call the police.


 But you don't have to take my word for it.... watch the video at (Remember this two day was a public facilitated discussion, and no indication was given prior to the meeting that members of the public would not even be allowed to introduce themselves, or laugh involuntarily.)


  • The group of people present not only decided to hire Mr Brigance, but they gave the chair the authority to move the process along in whatever way she saw fit.  (A strange thing for a council to do that was worried about a hand full of people IE the consumer controlled executive committee controlling the council.
  • Also Richard Simers the Current Vice Chair of the council, ignored the councils previous decision to not recognize any more CIL's until a consultant is in place see September 2007  and tried to get the Organization he has direct ties to recognized as a CIL.  It appeared that this group of people was going to ignore the councils previous decision.  Member of the public was berated and demeaned for reminding them that the issue had already previously been decided by the council  Member of the public was told that they were not allowed to speak until public comment.
  • The council continued to refuse to officially address any of my continually growing list of official requests.  Further nobody, not even the secretary could provide me with any minutes documenting their official response to even one of my official requests.  I have officially asked the secretary to send me the councils official responses documented in the minutes of my official requests.

Regarding the Public: During this meeting it was difficult to hear and many council members only grudgingly used microphones being obviously angered by what they considered "public disruption"  which consisted primarily of requests they speak into the microphone, and requests for copies of the public documents they were discussing.  The public were not even allowed to ask on topic clarification questions of what was going currently going on. 


Then the council adjourned the meeting before they allowed for public comment, and half the people left.  Public comment was not even an official part of the meeting, so it did not officially even happen.  When I asked a question during "public comment" to clarifying if what the council had done was give the chair authority to act on the information regarding the consultant as she saw fit without bringing it to the council, I was initially told that public comment was only a place where I could comment, not where I could expect a response.  But I told the council that because they did not allow me to get clarification during the meeting while the event was occuring, I needed it then.  They grudgingly gave it.


Unfortunately even during this "public comment" session many comments were not allowed or censoredEven during public comment, I got yelled at for asking relevent questions about public information.  To make matters worse, when the council was asked what was going on with Independent Living funding in the state of Indiana, the chair noted that the meeting was adjourned and it was time to leave.  The council refused to address what was happening with Indiana's IL funds openly even in the unofficial "public comment session"


I know all this sounds unbelievable, but I promise you that it is true, and that there is source documentation to back it all up.  This information will soon be available at


Thank you for your time,

Ramona Harvey - Former officer of the Council, Resident of Indiana with a disability

Ramona Harvey

We the people with disabilities can think for ourselves.  We can ask our own questions and come to our own decisions.  We know what it is like to be treated differently, and we know what it is like to be excluded because we cannot get in the door or because people are afraid we will be hurt.  We are important.  Our lives,  needs, and dreams are important and we deserve respect.  We are just like every other person driving down the road. We demand our needs be met and that we be included in the decisions that impact our lives - we do not wish to sit on the sidelines anymore and watch others play.  We want to be allowed on the playground just like anybody else.

2008-01-09 18:31:16 GMT
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Did this ever get resolved, what are the feds doing about this?
2008-02-18 20:26:17 GMT
ohh no not at all, in fact, at the last meeting that they held, the refused to discuss Independent Living Funds in the state of Indiana, and intentionally adjourned the meeting before allowing public comment.

to learn more check out the ICOIL Topics section of the onecandream community at
2008-02-18 22:58:42 GMT

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All the elements described below contribute to the perception of "savior" and contribute to the concept of Christianity WITH THE LEAST AMONG US!!! Ironically, to end this abuse fom the gods I have to sacrifice my "candidacy". Only then will it stop. Sadly, I suspect they willuse another to continue this "savior" positioning, ensuring these people do not take responsibility for their own relationship with the gods.
However, they have allowed me to try to teach the people in exchange::::

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There seems to be an inverse relationship between the two worlds:::Importance on Planet Earth means a lack of significance up there.
This is how the system works. It has confused and corrupted people today and they are failing because of it.

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Much like the problem of childhood prostitution in the United States today, the gods too are pimps, and despite their grandiose promises all the victims will ever realize is food and shelter.
"Everybody is going." There is no suchy thing as "everybody":
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- "Everybody" doesn't have a good life.
They are lying to you all.

2008-08-01 04:10:03 GMT
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