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RSA to review Indiana SILC (ICOIL) May 2009
RSA is going to review ICOIL in May 2009, Join us in Holding RSA accountable, not just for reviewing, but stopping the corruption and abuse of people with disabilities by State SILCs.

The Indiana SILC was already reviewed several years ago and had was found non-compliant. The problems with ICOIL have been long known. In May 2002, Kathleen Kleinmann, who was an Independent Consultant reported Findinga Regarding Compliance of the Indiana Statewide Independent Council

In 2006 things had not gotten better, and two officers of the council went to RSA and told them that fraudulant information was being sent by the council to RSA, and that the council was still corrupt.

These officers asked for RSA's help in assuring the council's compliance with the law, and the report of findings. They asked for immediate review of the Indiana SILC, including a review of themselves as officers.

Tom Kelley said he would see what could be done about reviewing the SILC sooner rather then later. Nothing was done -- and things got worse.

Two and a half years later, the Feds, who have been kept informed and are aware of what has been going on, are finally reviewing the SILC. (Note: This is a general review, of the SILC, VR, and IL program in Indiana)

What we have right now is a council does not even meet basic membership requirements, and should not even be able to meet. Yet they do meet, and spend tax dollars in ways that personally benefit council members... Further when payers request information on how their tax dollars are being spent, under freedom of information -- the council refuse to provide the information on their expenditures.

We have a council whose approved minutes are vague and inaccurate, and incomplete. Minutes often say things like "See Attached" but the information that is supposed to be attached is not there.

Accommodations requested under the ADA are granted by this council based not on whether the request is reasonable, but on whether the council happens to likes the requester or think the requester is going to say something they approve of.

And members of the public are consistantly threatened arrest (or retaliation from the state or VR) if they ask too many questions, or say something the council does not approve. (That is assuming they get the chance to talk and can find out when the meetings are and get transportation to them.)

We are glad that RSA is reviewing the State SILC - ICOIL because that needs to be done. But we think it's time we start holding RSA accountable, not just for reviewing, but stopping the corruption and abuse of people with disabilities by State SILCs.

2009-02-19 19:41:44 GMT
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