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Indiana SILC: June more trying to work together

After sending out the letter I sent to the council in may (see previous blog entry) and more research into the situation. I realized that successfully improving the situation in Indiana would require the ability to look past my small often neglected southern Indiana area and work towards improving the state as a whole.

I committed to travelling around the state of Indiana so that I could learn what was going on and not just focus on one region of Indiana like so many people on the council do. The issues facing people with disabilities in Indiana are not regional, they are statewide....and until we the people with disabilities in Indiana can unite together state wide and say enough is enough....then the system which is and has defrauded people with disabilities will continue to be corrupt and abusive to those people it is supposed to be serving:

The following are Exerts from a letters sent to the council in June: Access the full letters from the Secretary's Chronicles when you go there you may want to check out the Thoughts of Keith Coros who would be elected treasurer, and was willing to speak truth until doing so would have negatively effected his personal funding stream potential.

From June 9th e-mail to the council with subject heading a request and an offer.

I, Ramona Harvey independent and concerned resident of Indiana would like to travel around the state of Indiana and visit all the centers for Independent Livings and possibly even some cities without CILs. Just to sort of see what is currently going on and what people are doing right now

I want to see what it working and what successful. I would like to see first hand what the CILs are doing in their communities that is helpful. Not so much focusing on what we could do if there were funding, but what things are we doing...what programs do we have that are successful.

I would like to also have an opportunity to talk with CIL staff as well as constituants with disabilities if possible.

I really do care about what happens in Indiana with regards to people with disabilities. I think such an endeaver will be beneficial to me and make me a more knowledgable member of the council. It would really help to be able to look at Indiana as a whole, and not just one area of IN.


Exerpts from the June 19th letter to the people....posted in it's entirety on this blog, and also posted on the Secretary's Chronicles

We the people with disabilities, whether we are born with them or we acquire them should not have to settle for seeing our talents and abilities go to waste simply because the services we need are not in place

I was born with my disability and have had to deal with issues regarding access to education, recreation, employment, transportation, and accessible housing. I know there are many others in Indiana who have similar problems because I have met them...

...There are other states that have better services for people with disabilities because more money is allocated to those services, but Indiana is my home and I care about the people that live there. I care about you.

I want to see Indiana better be able to serve us. It is for this reason that I wanted to serve on the Indiana Council on Independent Living (our state SILC). The role of the SILC is to listen to the people with disabilities across the state and then advocate with the state to make necessary changes.

I am going to need help if our situation here in Indiana is going to change. I can make a difference, but I cannot do it alone. I need your help. I need the help and support of all people in Indiana with disabilities who want the right to live their lives according to their own desires, and not in accordance with what Vocational Rehabilitation or any other organization might tell them they should settle for.

We the people with disabilities, whether we are born with them or we acquire them should not have to settle for seeing our talents and abilities go to waste simply because the services we need are not in place

Things can be done differently then they have been done in the past and we can all benefit. But it will not be an easy road. It is a road that I am willing to go down because I care about you, and our aging citizens who are trying to maintain their independence and not end up in nursing homes.

But I need your help. I need you to become involved, to listen, to ask questions, and to demand answers to those questions. I need you to hold me and everyone else on the council accountable for our actions. Indiana needs a strong council and a strong disability community to back it up and demand that their needs be met.

2006-12-13 18:03:24 GMT
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