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UPDATE January 2009, From the People's Secretary: In 2009, the Indiana SILC (ICOIL) continues to disregard, disempower, and defraud residents of Indiana with and without disabilities at the tax payer's expense. For more information and the most recent updates onecandream interactive community at

Indiana SILC - ICOIL

In SILC: August 8th Public Comment Session By Ramona Harvey

Indiana SILC: Pre-August 8, 2007 Meeting By Ramona Harvey

Justin Darts take on RSA By Teresa Torres

Formal appeal to RSA cites the peoples right to confidentiality By Teresa Torres

Encouragement for Indiana's Ramona Harvey By Teresa Torres

Protecting Confidentiality + Demanding Accountability = threats By Teresa Torres

Connecton: The ADA and RSA's actions By Teresa Torres

Congress recognized governmental paternalism By Teresa Torres

Defining the Divide in Indiana By Teresa Torres

Indiana SILC Empowerment Frieghtening By Ramona Harvey

ICOIL: Clarification about Official Requests and Concerns By Ramona Harvey


ICOIL: July 11, meeting cancellation and related requests By Ramona Harvey

Indiana SILC(ICOIL)- Important July 4th Letter By Ramona Harvey

FEDS MOVE QUICKLY By Everybody Counts

You Gotta See This By Teresa Torres

Indiana SILC (ICOIL)- June, 13 2007 Meeting By The People's Secretary.

Indiana's Latest Fiasco by Jodi James

Indiana SILC Official Request Submitted again - Fifth Time By Ramona Harvey

ICOIL: Lyrics - The Answer They are not gonna send By Ramona Harvey

Indiana Hero Made IL History by Teresa Torres

Former ICOIL Chair... by Mark Bair - August 9 2003
Former chair Mark Bair, who died in a nursing home on June 9, 2007, wrote this several years ago, but it is still completely accurate today. I never actually had an opportunity to meet the man, and he did not know me (I wasn't in the spotlight then...) But I sat in the back of the room of a meeting he chaired once and I was impressed, because even though he didn't know who I was...he was willing to stand up for me and other people like me... more importantly he let me talk. Back then, after that meeting I just walked away, but I am not walking away now.

May ICOIL Meeting, Don't Blink By Ramona Harvey

Official Request to ICOIL Council May 9, 2007 By Ramona Harvey

IL Funding not ICOIL Business By Jodi James

Indiana SILC questions whether to follow the ADA By Ramona Harvey

Open Letter to Indiana SILC By Ramona Harvey

The ICOIL Way: Perhaps the real reason for Ramona Harvey's Removal By Everybody Counts

Intoducing the Emergency ICOIL comunication card by

Public Hearing and Facilitated Discussion By Ramona Harvey

ICOIL (IN SILC): It Feels Pretty Powerless... By Ramona Harvey

ICOIL (Indiana SILC - Empowerment Hell By Ramona Harvey

Indiana SILC: The Truth about the December Meeting By Ramona Harvey

Message to Governor Mitch Daniels By Jasen Taylor

UPDATE Indiana SILC: Mileage and Compensation Policy By Ramona Harvey

UPDATE Indiana SILC (ICOIL): I am still here By Ramona Harvey

Quest for Indiana SILC (ICOIL): Public Hearing info By Ramona Harvey

ICOIL State Plan Hearings...or are they VR Hearings By Jodi James

Letter to the Governor 1/2/07 By Jasen Taylor

Letter to the Governor 12/20/06 By Jasen Taylor

IN SILC (ICOIL): Mixed Messages By Ramona Harvey

Indiana SILC: a letter to a council member By Ramona Harvey

Members removed from IN SILC for Speaking the Truth By Jodi James

Indiana Advocates write to the feds - again By for compliance

One Persons ADAPT Experience By Jody James

Jodi James Executive committee minutes by Everybody Counts

Minutes from Indiana Lynching By Everybody Counts

And Yet, I am not Free (October 2006 Indiana SILC meeting) By Ramona Harvey

Statement from the REAL (Interim) Chair of ICOIL By Jodi James

Posting submission - Regarding September 2006 gathering By Jodi James

NATSILC: Indiana SILC Response To Report Of Findings By Lou Diehl
Posted in 2003 in the State Independent Living Council Discussion Archive

Posted in 2003 it is now 2007, but history is repeating itself.

Independent Consultant's Report on Indiana SILC By National SILC Mailing List - Review by Kathleen Kleinmann

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