One Can Dream

April 2006

Welcome to One Can Dream. was launched in April of 2006, and it continues to grow. -- It all started with a dream, and is made possible by you.... so thank you.... and remember, one can dream.

This site is a work in progress, so you should always check back to see how it develops. Onecandream has been through a lot of changes since it was created. We had a very successful interactive community which recently (late 2010) had to be shut down and archived. All the information has been saved, and we hope to re-open the community up again as soon as possible. In the meantime, this is the original first page of our site. As you can see we have come a long way, much has changed, but some things like our budget has remained the same.

So how did One Can Dream come about anyway?

To be honest I was sitting in an apartment without a TV and very little money wondering what can I do? Several things occurred to me: I could finish unpacking, I could clean, I could blindly surf the internet for something mildly entertaining, I could do any number of responsible things...or I could dream. Dreaming sounded like a lot more fun so that is the option I chose.

So I began to consider what I could do towards that end...I mean aside from staring out the window daydreaming or watching my radio. It came to me. Hey, maybe I should build a website! After all, I could connect it to my other websites, and it could be a site about things that interest, concern, or effect me...ohh and other people too. I thought maybe I can create a website that can serve multiple purposes; be informative, and entertaining, and I do it from bed during the time I would normally spend watching Saturday morning cartoons. Then millions of people would visit my site I would become a household name, spend my time traveling across the country helping others... (and making enough money to not only to buy a TV, but pay for cable, the ski boat, the second summer home, and all the chocolate milk money can buy)

-- Hey one can dream...and from small beginnings come great things
(I have been told)

And that is how the story begins...or at least this one... Return to onecandream home

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