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Welcome - From newest Blog Author.

Welcome to Notes to the People the onecandream blog.  We appreciate your patience as we are remodeling onecandream and we hope that you continue to support us as we grow. Please come back often to see what is new. Also, feel free to provide us with input and share your ideas and suggestions.

I have been fortunate enough to be given the priviledge as a member of the onecandream community to share some of my thoughts, hopes, dreams, and opinions on this blog.  I am thinking that being the case you are probably wondering who I am.

Good Question.

I hope that as we get to know each other that I will be able to answer that question for you... but please give me time.  Like everyone who has worked hard and continues to work hard to make onecandream great -- I don't get paid for this...

 That is not me complaining, however, if onecandream is reading this... I would be happy to apply for a raise.  But seriously the reality is that what is important here is not me... it is you.

So as I embark on my first adventures in blogging, I hope you will join me.  Who knows it may be fun, and eventually after I have had some time to figure it out myself, perhaps I will be able to answer your question as to who I am.

Either way, I hope you sit back and enjoy the ride.   Please remember that the views I express are my own, and not necessarily the views of onecandream.com.


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Your not getting a raise, but your volunteer efforts are appreciated.

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