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A note about the Onecandream Interactive Community

Just wanted to take a moment to write a note letting you know what is happening with the interactive community.  Basically I had to shut it down and archived.  Hopefully this is only temporary, and we will be able to open it back up soon.

If you have ever ran a website with interactive features, I am sure you can appreciate how difficult it is to balance ease of use for users with protection and security.  We have been having difficulty with some hackers so we are looking for a new more secure place to host the community.  I do not know how long it will take for us to find such a place.  One difficulty in finding a new place is that everyone involved in making onecandream the wonderful site it has become are volunteers... however we will keep looking and hopefully we will be able to bring the community back online even better and far more secure then it was before.

We did not delete any of your postings, articles or any of the information found on the community.  The information has been password protected and archived so that it can be restored later.  If you need access to the information found in the community, please let us know.

As frustrating as this is, it is just another opportunity to improve on onecandream.   In the meantime, while we are figuring out the best way to re-open the community, we will continue to try to keep you informed and up to date via this blog and other areas of onecandream.

 By the way if you are interested in contributing to this blog, or if you have any information visitors of onecandream might be interested in knowing please let me know.  Perhaps you could be a guest blogger.


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