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Ramona Harvey's "Unclipped Wings" - Grand Opening Book Signing and Celebration , Oct 23rd

 Ramona Harvey just recently published her first book, a poetry book called "Unclipped Wings".  Her grand opening Celebration and Book Signing will be Oct 23, 2010, at the Evansville Methodist Temple.  Though I wish I could be there - to get a book and get it signed - I won't be able too, but I have read the book and wanted to share some of my thoughts with you.

Ramona's book is not specifically about disabilities, but she does have a disability and a few of her poems like "Between Worlds" are about that, or at least touch on her experiences as a person with a disability.  These poems have special meaning to me.  I also have a disability, and as a person with a disability, reading Ramona Harvey's Unclipped Wings, I did so with that in mind.  Ramona made me stop and examined my world around me - a world that's not accepting at times, but her book reminded me that I must persevere - that we all need too.

I could really related to a lot of the poems, because they reminded me of my own experiences growing up.   I remember being left on the sidelines when I attended special education public schools that were segregated from society.  I felt the isolation and pain, knowing that my able-bodied peers were afforded inclusion. I relived some of those experiences through reading a couple of Ramona's  poems.  She really does bring light to many important social issues. 

My experiences were different then Ramona's - but I truly felt as if she really got what I went through - I think she really gets what a lot of people both with and without disabilities go through.  Her poetry really speaks to people - and is something everyone can enjoy.  It's not like other poetry that can be difficult to understand, but her poetry only gives the appearance of being simplistic.  -- it is really deep and thought-provoking.  

I will write more about her book later, but I just wanted to let people who know that if you are thinking about going to the book signing or buying this book, for yourself or as a gift, you should.  I enjoyed reading this book very much.

 Like I said, there will be more to follow, but for now, I am signing off and going to bed.



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