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Not Just an Ordinary Book Signing - an Extraodinary Day.

Evansville's Barnes and Nobles was the place to be at 2 PM on February 12, 2011. Author/Advocate Ramona Harvey was there to answer questions and sign copies of her new poetry book Unclipped Wings.   It was a great day for book signing. The weather was beautiful, there was no snow or ice on the ground - but it was too cold to be outside.

The setup was simple, but pleasant. A table provided for Ramona in a prime location in between the front door and Starbucks. but don't let the sign for you this is more than  your traditional simple book signing.

Ramona barely got a chance to pull out her business cards and put them on the table before the first person showed up.  Throughout the course of the two hours that signed books, several things became clear:

  1.  Ramona is no ordinary author - but she was not extraordinary because she was in a wheelchair, but because she was a real human being who truly cared about the people she was talking to as she listened to them, answered questions about her book, and sometimes encouraged them to hang in there and keep working towards their own goals.
  2. Unclipped Wings is one of those rare collections of poetry that has something for everyone.  A rare book that people from all walks of life can not only relate too, but connect with.
  3. This was not just a book signing, but a time of education, celebration, sharing and community.

Some people who stopped by the table bought books. Some stopped for a little while to enjoy some poetry, and some decided to pull up a chair (that is if they had not already brought their own).  At some points it was unclear whether this was a book signing, or a disability awareness event.  Ramona handed out disability awareness bookmarks to go with her books as well as stickers encouraging inclusiveness to those who wanted them. 

Indeed it was a very inclusive, and energetic crowd.  People not only asked questions of Ramona, but they interacted with and discussed her poetry with each other.  It was amazing to see people who might not otherwise interact - talking to each other - learning about their differences, but enjoying their common.


But then I guess that is what Unclipped Wings is about - empowerment and an understanding that everyone has value - and that what we do truly does matter.

Special Thanks to Evansville Barnes and Nobles - and everyone who attended and got their autographed copies of Unclipped Wings.


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