About Oppression


When you look at us you might not see it, but we have the same rights as you.

We have the rights to choose who we are and who we arenít.
We have the right to explore ourselves and the world around us because it is our own just as much as it is yours.

I know we look different, act different, talk different, and we donít always agree but diversity is not a bad thing.Seeing and accepting different perspectives may help us to understand and solve the problems we have been trying to solve for centuries.When we all think alike and are not open to other opinions we miss things we could have caught and we end up sending spacecrafts to the stars that explode before they ever get off the ground.

††††††††††† I know youíre still afraid. We all are.Nobody understands those things that are so different from themselves and their experiences that they are to hard to imagine.But what if something just looks different, but isnít really.What if everyone had the same basic needs and motivations regardless of where they were from, how they look, economic statuses, skills or even cultural beliefs.Would it be so hard to understand that we all need food, shelter, and love?Can you imagine how you might feel if you did not have those things?Can you imagine how you would react if you had to live somewhere that you didnít feel safe?

If you lived somewhere your basic needs were not met and you were not allowed to express yourself or be who you are, would you be happy?Probably not.Would you live up to your full potential and be a positively contributing member to our society?Hard to tell.You would certainly have the right to try and the potential to succeed, but you would face some of the very challenges we face and your journey would not be easy.Your situation might have left you lacking in education, money, and even the social skills most people tend to take for granted.You would be perceived as different then you are nowÖ.and people like yourself would treat you differently.But would you be?

No, not reallyÖ

It might not look like it to us, but you have the same rights as we do.You have the right to choose who you are and who you arenít.The right to express yourself and contribute to our world.You have the right to explore who you are and the world around you because it is as much your world as it is ours.I know we look different, act different, talk different, and we donít always agree, but we have the same basic needs and one can never tell when our roles will be reversed and I will need a hand.I know youíre still afraid we all are, but someone has to take the first steps.


By Ramona Harvey


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