My Manifesto


I hold these truths to be self evident:

1)      All people are not created equal nor should we wish them to be, but they are and must be valued the same.
Water is water - whether it be a raindrop, or an ocean the intrinsic value of water does not change even if its quantity, form, or appearance is different.  We are all equally valuable even though we are all different and unique.  The raindrop and the ocean are both at different stages of their natural evolution and so are all of us.  The ocean cannot survive without the rain and the rain would not exist without the ocean.

2)      Absolute equality as is normally defined and understood is not found in life and should not be what we strive for.  We should instead seek equilibrium as equality is to narrow and confining.  100 people who have no access to any resources or services that are living in poverty are perhaps equal, but this type of equality is not desirable.  Equilibrium on the other hand is a balance that may or may not include equality.  Any effort to increase equality requires a certain degree of rationing. While Equilibrium may require this, it also requires flexibility and an ability to adapt and change.  Equalibrium cannot be maintained without a certain amount of fluidity.

3)      In a closed system energy cannot be created or destroyed.  Only transformed.  All things are made and maintained of and by energy.  Ultimately even though the boundaries are beyond our comprehension we live in a closed system.

4)      Anything that can be built can also be destroyed.  Anything that can be destroyed can also be built.  Although things can often be destroyed faster than they can be built, it is not inherently more difficult to build then to destroy.  Ultimately there are far greater benefits to be found in positive building and creation.  It makes sense that we should strive to be a positively impacting source designed to build not blindly, or ignorantly, but with absolute intention of learning from our mistakes and correcting them.

5)      We must not shy from our past, but acknowledge and embrace it. The past has changed us, but it was not meant to be changed by us.


6)      In life there are three outcome and relationship scenarios: Lose/Lose, Win/Lose, Win/Win. 
Ultimately the Win/Win scenario is most beneficial and should be strived for.  The Lose/Lose scenario should be avoided at all cost. The Win/Lose relationship is easier to understand, and results in greater initial gains for the winner, but in the long term these gains are minimal because they cannot be sustained the way they are in a Win/Win relationship.  Win/Win relationships are self-sustaining, but require trust, honor, and communication on all sides.  If this does not occur the balance is lost.

7)      The byproduct of a Win/Lose relationship is often a Lose/Lose scenario.  The Lose/Lose relationship is an absolute waste and depletion of resources and energy, but can be easier to maintain then a Win/Win.  Lose/Lose scenarios are often created by people who have lost hope.  It comes from a twisted idea of equality, the idea that if I can’t have then nobody should have. It may create a level of equality, but there is no equilibrium attained by people leeching energy off of each other.  This kind of relationship is also occasionally fostered and maintained by people who wish to oppress others.

8)      Any instinct that any individual has to oppress any other individual for any reason, especially self-gain, should be actively fought by anyone who does not themselves wish to be oppressed.  All empires fall and people act and behave in accordance to what they have been taught.  It is in our own best interest to be careful what we teach others. Eventually we will be at the mercy of others and they will remember if we ourselves were merciful when we had the opportunity to be.  If they learned it was okay to be oppressive then they will act accordingly.

9)      Material wealth, knowledge and status are not enough to protect anyone from pain, suffering, or negative life circumstances.

10)  We may not all be created equally, but we all die the same

11)  (New addition) There is no such thing as rational discrimination even if we pretend that there is and the courts try and legislate it into legitimacy.  Discrimination is discrimination if we are going to admit that it exists we should be at least brave enough to call it what it is.


By Ramona Harvey – Created June 23, 2005

Modified: April 21, 2006

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